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Jan Zilinec
Kralovska 828/2
la, 92701
Slovak republic

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Curriculum Vitae


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Date of birth

11.april 1972






Seeking position to realize my knowledge and skills in application design, IT knowledge, AF and RF knowledge and expectation improvement of it.



Description of my perfect job:
Working as a member of designer team using CAD/CAM software and suitable measurement and test equipment’s for simulating behavior of designed circuits, preparing completely application design of various equipment, PCBs and preparing samples of new products and so on.



Company Size:

No Preference




Hardware Development



Description of my ideal company:
Company with adequate solicitude for their employers.
Company with ability to grow up and improving knowledge and skills.




-         English

-         Russian

-         Polish






05/2007 – till today

HMH spol. s r.o.

Bratislava, Slovak republic



hardware developer/ HW development division



03/2005 – 05/2007


 Ing.Jan Zilinec-ITRF

Private business



HW Design, consultancy, trade, service



Design HW upon order.

RF, audio, digital board with using microchip controllers and relevant testing and approving with demand specification.

Self-programming of microchip controllers.

Necessary mechanical design using CAD/CAM software.

Service of wireless various microphone systems.

Consultancy with HW design and care for manufacturing PCB, ordering components and preparing production and necessary approval if needed.



04/2003 – 02/2005

Techton spol. s r.o.

Bratislava, Slovak republic



hardware developer/ HW development division



Design various audio equipment, as active monitor, headphone amplifiers, audio analogue processors, power supplies, audio distributions systems for buildings and so on.
Using CAD/CAM software for design mechanical parts, PCBs, structure block of equipment for buildings.



07/2000 – 03/2003

Corinex Global Corp.

Bratislava, Slovak republic



Senior hardware developer/ HW development division



Responsibility for full process of application design till start mass production of PCI cards, USB modems, Ethernet switch and wireless access point on 2.4GHz band (802.11b)

Experiences with CE, EMC, FCC approval processes.

Configuring IT equipment’s as routers, bridge, microwave radios in ISM band 2.4GHz.

Preparing new products with redesign of existing PC components to reach better feature of equipment.



06/1993 - 06/2000

SONN wireless systems ltd.

Bratislava, Slovak republic



Technical manager/responsibility to design, development and production of new products.



Hardware design engineer for designing and developing wireless microphone systems VHF and UHF up to 1GHz, responsible for production, service and installations of multichannel systems.

Design of various audio equipments, as headphone amplifiers, audio analogue processors, power supplies and so on.

Simulating new circuit behavior on simulating software for application design, design PCBs using Protel design system.




Slovak University of technology




Master's Degree



-          Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
Specialize for RF technology.



Additional education



-          Final state examination from marketing and management.



Skill Name

Skill Level

Last Used




EAGLE design system user (Schematic, PCB)


Protel design system user (Schematic, PCB, Sim., PLD)


AutoCAD, ProgeCAD


CST Studio Suite(Microwave & antenna module )


Various CAD/CAM software user , as Serenade, Corel, Microwave office, Mindi ...


Standard Microsoft software, word, excel, outlook …




Skills with operation of RF test equipment

















Currently Used



Currently used



Currently used


Currently used



If neccesary




Currently used


since 2007



Since 1995



Since 2003


Since 2010







Since 1994


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